Monday, May 16, 2016

Why I think that the Book of The Giver is Better

Why I think that the Book of The Giver is Better

The reason why I think that the Giver book is better than the movie is because I think that the movie would be hard to understand if you haven't read the book. Another reason is because the book has more info about the situation like when Jonas runs away Jonas sees animals whereas in the movie, it doesn't show animals. It just shows the tree and the two pointy rocks.Also you can imagine what the characters look like. Here in this essay I will tell you my true feelings about the book compared to the movie.

Like I said in the first paragraph, the book The Giver is easier to understand because the book is told as it's happening whereas in the movie it has Jonas tell us what happened after it had happened. This may confuse a watcher if they haven't already read the book. Another thing that I looked up that came from a book store called Barnes and Nobles ( said that a book lets you put the pieces together. It lets you think about what might where in movies that may not happen. Also on the website it said that people like to imagine what a person looks like. Remember in the book when Jonas was 12? In the movie, Jonas is 16. That did disappoint some people even though it may be a bit traumatizing for a 12 year old.

Some people might disagree so I'm typing this so you can see my point of view while still thinking that movies are better than books. You may say, I don't feel dissapointed about the movies or the movies. Coming from this website from Rant Hollywood ( says that movies can work as graet babysitters while you run some errands or how you can watch them anywhere. Though that is true, books do increase your knowledge and imagination.

For my last chapter of torture, I will tell you another reason why books are better than movies. From a website called The Top Ten(  says that you get to imagine the characters and actors. In the movie it just shows you what Jonas looks like the bikes, the houses the community. Why not imagine it and grow your brain? Also, you don't have to worry about the actors ruining the movie if you're watching (not saying that Jonas was a bad actor). Books also make you smarter. Couldn't you read books and get smart?

In conclusion, this is why I think and would definitely prefer the book because you would understand everything, You can also imagine your own surroundings and imagine the characters. Don't be a dummy and start reading now!!!

Monday, April 18, 2016

The Loving

The Loving

The Giver gives Jonas a memory about a family (with the family of the old) having love and warmth (Christmas). Jonas goes home and asks if his family loves him. The Dad chortles and says that love is "obsolete".
I think that it's kind of weird how no one loves each other and how the parents just hang around and take care of the kids and don't even love them.
My question is: why is love so obsolete? (Besides conflict...).

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Stirring: lol... :3

 The Stirring: lol...

Jonas has a strange dream dream about this girl named Fiona and a tub full of water... He talks to his Mom and she says that she has the Stirring and needs pills. The pills get rid of the Stirring quickly.
First of all... his dream was totally weird even though I've had some like this...
My question is, : Why does he start dreaming about it later than Asher? Why at the age of twelve?

Monday, April 4, 2016

The Giver


Jonas and his family talks about the Ceremony in December and how it makes Jonas feel apprehensive. I also noticed that when they say someone's age, the say that he is in his twelves or I remember when she was in her threes. I wonder why everyone needed to drop there bikes when a plane went by. That's just weird...

Monday, March 21, 2016

The Article About the Topic "Utopia"

 The Article About the Topic "Utopia"

I read and it was very intersting.
The author talked about how to have a utopian life. At least that is what I think he was talking about.
I think that it is impossible to have a utopian life. Nothing is perfect.

Friday, March 11, 2016

A Phone Call to My Grandma

Collin Santoyo
Period 4

A Phone Call to My Grandma

I was at my house playing video games in my lovely room. Then I called my grandma. My grandma lives in a trailer park. She didn’t answer so I called her again and again. She called me back but I didn’t hear my phone. She sent a voice mail and freaked out because she thought I was dead. I called her back and she didn’t answer. She called me again and said:”Hello Collin, this is Abuela. I’m going to dinner with Allo. Can you call me back in an hour and a half?” She is fun but can be very stubborn. My grandma's real name is Jeannie Leluaxe. My grandma and I are kind of always butting heads, so this was kind of awkward. She talks like a normal person except her voice sounded okay. After her dinner, we talked. She had a hard time hearing me and she had a hard time with the “speaker phone”. This took us maybe just five minutes to get this all set up. We talked until 6:30 and then she needed to go to sleep. Before she went to sleep I asked her a few questions.

.What was a day as a twelve year old?
“First, I would wake up, get on the bus, do her seven classes, come home with my friend Claudie, maybe play some croquet eat dinner and go home.”

.How did you meet Mark? (Grandpa)
“ I met met Mark at a high school called Inglewood high school and graduated in the year of 1971. We got married in February 24 1976.”

.How was marriage going?
“Marriage was quite bumpy and didn’t go well and it was rocky.”
I asked for a better answer but she said it would be out of turn for her to tell me.

.What are your favorite things to do?
“That either I would like to either clean a lot or work in a garden.”

How did life with Allo go? (step grandfather)
“I was perfect with Allo. We are still together today. I met Allo at a prison ministry. We got married in 1995 January 26.”

What did you want in life the most?
“The thing that I wanted in my life was you. I wanted to be a grandma. Your mom already had a child but he was given up for adoption because of young age. But I was happy because I actually got to hold you.”

Some more things about you:
“My mom died of cancer,
My mom was very stubborn (like you),
I currently work at Cuesta being a scheduling technician,
I graduated Cuesta College in 2001,
I couldn’t graduate Cal Poly because it was too expensive and she couldn’t buy textbooks and more,Image result for agapanthus
My favorite color is purple,
I love dragonflies,
I am good at boxing video games,
I hate Mario and violent games.”

I am really surprised how she met Allo. They didn’t even go to the same church. I learned that she tried to go to Cal Poly. I had no idea it was there back then. My grandma can get really mad so for her to be happy to do the interview was amazing. A thing that I found interesting was that she doesn’t want to go near a motorcycle. Another thing that I found weird was that my grandma likes boxing games.

My grandma can be very funny, very happy, very mad, very sad, but she can be very nice.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Problems for Matt Daniels... (Caused by Bradley)...

Bradley got Matt in trouble so many times that Mr.Scott had to make a "3 strikes list". Bradley threw a rock at Mr.Scott's car and blamed Matt. He also cheated and looked at Matt's
 test and then again blamed him. Bradley got so mad that he  shoved Bradley against a locker and got in trouble again. But Bradley bailed him out and lied about watching a TV show that did the same thing. Then again Bradley stole Matt's idea about the automatic bird feeder for the annual science fair. The winner got a trip to the nasa convention in New York.

I think that Bradley is a brat and always gets what he wants. (Making Matt look stupid). I might kill myself if my sister were like that.

I predict that Matt will get his third strike and have to get suspended.

This is Matt Daniels inside the Monster Blood.

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